Our friends at Respond and Rebuild were some of the first people on the scene in Rockaway Beach after Hurricane Sandy struck. They are now on a mission to rid hundreds of homes of toxic mold, and help rebuild the community.

Eight years ago, Bomb the Music Industry! was a band that started hoping to fight the pressures of commercialism in punk rock by releasing all our music for free, having low-priced all-ages shows, not selling merchandise but instead hand-making shirts on the spot for free or donations.

We never would have expected being able to travel across the country and the rest of the world and be greeted with so much love and enthusiam everywhere we went. Thank you for everything!

So here is another song for free. Instead of giving us any money, if you've got some extra bucks we'd like to encourage you to donate some money to Respond and Rebuild so they continue fixing our city.



"Big Kisses" was recorded mostly in September 2012 by Tom Malinowski @ Cellar Door Studios (Amityville, NY), Jeff Rosenstock @ Quote Unquote Records (Brooklyn, NY) and Bob Vielma (San Jose, CA.) It was then mixed and mastered by Jeff Rosenstock with some text message advice from Rick Johnson.

Mike Costa - Drums, John DeDomenici - Bass, Matt Keegan - Trombone, Aux Drums, Tom Malinowski - Guitar, Jeff Rosenstock - Vocals, Guitar, Sax, Aux Drums

I went vegan, quit the coffee and cigarettes but it just doubled my appetite and I lied awake most of the night. I stopped cable and watching television and goofing off on the internet all day but it left me with nothing to say. Stopped staying at the bar too long, getting drunk, singing sad songs, stumbling home and passing out on the floor but I still wake up with darkness.

With something that is crushing me. With a persistent feeling of dread that leaks out and pilfers my breath. I started running to make waking up worth my time but it just felt like running away from the problems that swallow the day. I've been here for far too long, getting drunk, singing sad songs, trying hard to give myself decent sleep. But I still wake up and I'm still in love with dying.

Something inside that you wanna say, say it out loud it's still not okay*, in fact it's worse 'cause everything stayed the same. And I still wake up, and I'm still in love, and I still wake up, and I'm still in love.

* "something inside that you wanna say, say it out loud it'll be okay" is a line from the beta band song "dry the rain." yes, that's the song in high fidelity that john cusack plays to make five people buy a copy of beta band's "the three ep's"